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The Learning Center is NSTA's e-professional development portal to help you address your classroom needs and busy schedule. You can gain access to more than 12,000 different resources that cater to your preference for learning. Over 4,200 resources, such as journal articles, science objects, podcasts and web seminars are available for free. Other resources include SciPacks, SciGuides, and Short Courses. A suite of practical tools including My Library, My PD Record, My Professional Development Plan and Portfolio, My Calendar, My Notepad, and My PD Indexer are available to help you organize, personalize, and document your growth over time. If desired, you may review an archived Web Seminar overview of the NSTA Learning Center, or download the "How to Guide" PDF (2.7 MB).

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Earth's Changing Surface: Humans as Agents of Change

Earth's Changing Surface: Humans as Agents of Change

2 hr Do-It-Yourself Science Object

Nutrition: What are Nutrients?

Nutrition: What are Nutrients?

2 hr Do-It-Yourself Science Object

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The Learning Center's suite of tools, such as the electronic Professional Development Plan and Portfolio tool, also assists educators to create a long-term comprehensive plan over 1-3 years where they can efficiently electronically manage, track, and document growth over time, in addition to the final assessment opportunity certifying teachers’ gains in knowledge. The PD Plan and Portfolio tool lets teachers write reflections’ submit evidences for their growth and document that growth with samples of student work. By using this web-based delivery model, NSTA encourages all teachers to broaden the use of 21st Century Skills as they increase their science content knowledge.

Jeffrey Piontek
Science Educational Specialist
Hawaii Department of Education

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