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Kindergarten activities | Posted in Early Childhood

From the semester I spent with kindergarten students, I have found that they are very hands-on. I would suggest maybe exploring the environment around them and relating it to the sorts of science they will be learning about. For instance, taking them on a walk around the building and talking about living vs. nonliving things they see, weather, etc. The more they can dive into it, the more I would think they would a foundational interest in science.

Ellen Watters

Gardening at school with young children | Posted in Early Childhood

Start a garden! It teaches children at a young age group so much! They can get involved with the planting and you can even make a quiz of what each elements are used for such as the soil, the water, the seeds, the sun, etc. The perk of the garden is, it even makes the outdoors of your school look even prettier!

Rachael Drab

Animals in the classroom? | Posted in Life Science

I am a student intern working at school now. When I become a teacher of record, I would like to set up a small aquaponics system in my classroom. I would need aquarium, gravels, plants, water pumps, etc. I am thinking about using Glofish that are genetically engineered, solar powered pump, and stations where students can measure pH level, Nitrate, Nitrate, Ammonia, and oxygen levels. This will help students to understand alternative farming systems and energy. This is something that I would like to plan out through this year!

Yookyung Chung

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