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NSTA National Conference in LA | Posted in Northrop Grumman Foundation Teachers Academy 2017

Hi Fellows-
We will be meeting in just two weeks! I have enjoyed reading the introductions each of you have posted as it gives me faces with names- thank you!

Attached is a short PowerPoint you can view that covers some helpful information as you get ready to travel to LA.

Please review this at your earliest convenience. If you have any questions after viewing please post them here in the forum and I will reply in a timely manner.

Warm Regards-

Wendy Binder

Weather and Elementary | Posted in Early Childhood

I really enjoyed reading all of the replies to this question. I agree with many others about taking the students outside for them to witness the daily weather themselves. I think if you talk about weather every day in your classroom then relate that to the four seasons it will help the students. Thanks for all of the advice!

Anna Jamboretz

Gardening at school with young children | Posted in Early Childhood

This will be a great idea to do during the spring time, and maybe you can ask the school if your class can plant around the campus and make observation notebook based on how their plants are growing, and have also a visual picture drawn by them of every Friday since the day the planted the plant. This would be such an amazing for students and their reaction will be priceless.

Vanessa Rodriguez

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