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Assigning Homework | Posted in New Teachers

From my experience in my field placements, I am realizing that parents often do help the children complete their homework quite a bit. Or students do not complete their homework at all and then are punished for not completing it. As a student, I dislike having homework that my teachers do not take for a grade. Throughout my placements, teachers do not give any points for homework, they just clip down. I do not believe that motivates students to complete homework. My personal opinion is that we should not give students packets of homework to students to complete at home. They do a lot of work throughout the day, the last thing they need is to go home and spend hours on homework.

Danielle Hardin

Speed and Motion | Posted in Physical Science

I am developing a lesson on speed and how weight can affect it. Does anyone have any materials and/or resources that could help supplement the lesson? 

Michelle Kohler

Interaction with Force, Mass, and Motion | Posted in Physical Science

Hi! I want to do a unit on the relationship between force, mass, and motion, but I do not have a deep understanding of these concepts myself. Where can I go to get the foundational understanding that I need? Elizabeth

Elizabeth Homans

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