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NSTA National Conference in LA | Posted in Northrop Grumman Foundation Teachers Academy 2017

Hi Fellows-
We will be meeting in just two weeks! I have enjoyed reading the introductions each of you have posted as it gives me faces with names- thank you!

Attached is a short PowerPoint you can view that covers some helpful information as you get ready to travel to LA.

Please review this at your earliest convenience. If you have any questions after viewing please post them here in the forum and I will reply in a timely manner.

Warm Regards-

Wendy Binder

Teaching Earth Science for the first time | Posted in Earth and Space Science

I don't remember where I got this (possibly Facebook - or here!) but I use an inflatable globe and throw it out to a student. The student catches it and tells me how many of their fingers are touching water. They then share something about themselves and toss it to another student. Tally up the number of fingers touching water for each student and then calculate the average at the end It should be close to 70%, the amount of the planet's surface covered with water.

Cris Dewolf

Teaching Science to Kindergarten in a Short Time Frame | Posted in Early Childhood

Hi Jennifer!

I think that the best way to teach your students science with only fifteen minutes is using problem based learning approaches. You could do that through quick STEM challenges. From my experience, STEM challenges are a quick and fun way to briefly introduce science topics while engaging students at the same time! Also, you could always incorporate science into other subjects, as well. For example, if you are teaching literacy, have the students read a science article, etc. I hope this helps!

Hayden Whited

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