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EMTA Monthly Community Updates | Posted in EMTAHOU17

Hello all, 

Great news! The monthly Community Update emails can now be found within the Learning Center! To access the collection and the first update, please visit the attachment to this post.

Happy teaching!

Megan Doty

Physics Songs | Posted in Physical Science

Look for Physics Pholk Songs by David and Ginger Hildebrand. I have the CD and they have 14 physics songs - not rap for sure. Entertaining and pretty accurate. You may be able to download and not need a CD.

Donald Boonstra

Implementing STEM in my classroom | Posted in STEM

Hi Leslie!
I think it could be a lot of fun to implement STEM in your future Kindergarten classroom. Research states that implementing STEM at a young age can really help your students in the long run! I think providing your students with hands on activities that are developmentally appropriate would be the best way to implement STEM in your classroom. I found a link with a lot of great ideas for your Kindergartners! Kindergarten STEM Hope you find the activities useful!

Ana Gonzalez

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