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Increasing Student Engagement in Science Lessons | Posted in General Science and Teaching

Hello Raquel, I am a first semester student teacher in Houston Texas. I have to say that I love using Kahoots. I remember using them in many of my college courses which made it fun and exciting. Recently, my cooperating teacher and I had a training where we learned about another program that is similar to Kahoots which I think you might like as well. It is called Quizziz. The difference that I found interesting was that when using Quizziz, the teacher could assign the students "homework." This would allow the students, if they can, practice for tests at home on their own time. We tried it out just today in the classroom as a quick test and the students absolutely enjoyed it. At the end of each class, all the students had asked if we could use this more often for future tests. Eddy Martinez

Eddy Martinez

Physiology/Anatomy Project Ideas? | Posted in Life Science

Another idea is to have the students embark on a "Fantastic Voyage" based on the movie/book from the 60s. They have to "travel" through a patients body to destroy a blood clot in the patient's brain. Students can write a dramatic narrative or dialogue that incorporates factual information about body systems, they could write a computer program or animation about a voyage through the body, write a newspaper article, etc.

Eric Roth

Physics Songs | Posted in Physical Science

I like your idea of having songs for science! I feel like that is a great way to get students engaged and motivated. I know hearing song in school that pertained to learning helped me remember things. I can always remember the 50 states and capital song from 4th grade. Students I think would be more eager to learn the song without really realizing they are actually learning something along the way!

Halle Moshier

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