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Implementing STEM in my classroom | Posted in STEM

Hi Leslie!
I think it could be a lot of fun to implement STEM in your future Kindergarten classroom. Research states that implementing STEM at a young age can really help your students in the long run! I think providing your students with hands on activities that are developmentally appropriate would be the best way to implement STEM in your classroom. I found a link with a lot of great ideas for your Kindergartners! Kindergarten STEM Hope you find the activities useful!

Ana Gonzalez

Science in Kindergarten: What Does It Look like, Sounds like? | Posted in Early Childhood

I know there is lots of good science instruction happening in Kindergarten classes everywhere. I am hoping that some of you will share some of your planned lessons or lessons you want to make more NGSS like. New lessons ideas might be sparked! Ideas might be built upon. What books do you use to begin science investigations? What science investigations lead to writing? Lots of opportunities. :-)


Kathleen Renfrew

Increasing Student Engagement in Science Lessons | Posted in General Science and Teaching

Hello Raquel,

I am a first semester student teacher in Houston Texas. I have to say that I love using Kahoots. I remember using them in many of my college courses which made it fun and exciting. Recently, my cooperating teacher and I had a training where we learned about another program that is similar to Kahoots which I think you might like as well. It is called Quizziz. The difference that I found interesting was that when using Quizziz, the teacher could assign the students "homework." This would allow the students, if they can, practice for tests at home on their own time.

We tried it out just today in the classroom as a quick test and the students absolutely enjoyed it. At the end of each class, all the students had asked if we could use this more often for future tests.

Eddy Martinez

Eddy Martinez

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