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Animals in the classroom? | Posted in Life Science

I am a student intern working at school now. When I become a teacher of record, I would like to set up a small aquaponics system in my classroom. I would need aquarium, gravels, plants, water pumps, etc. I am thinking about using Glofish that are genetically engineered, solar powered pump, and stations where students can measure pH level, Nitrate, Nitrate, Ammonia, and oxygen levels. This will help students to understand alternative farming systems and energy. This is something that I would like to plan out through this year!

Yookyung Chung

Guest Speakers in the Middle School Classroom | Posted in Next Generation Science Standards

I think that incorporating guest speakers is a great way for the students to be engaged and also for them to see how the content they are learning can be applied in the "real world." I am currently in a teaching program, and this is something I would like to incorporate into my future classroom. Based on my experiences in middle school, when we had guest speakers that could relate to the grade as a whole for cross-curriculum, we were able to have a class assembly. However, on the smaller scale, we typically received a handout and the speakers were always happy to spend the day to answer our questions and present. Additionally, I have even experienced a group Skype session that was a very influential experience.

Margaret Purtell

Interaction with Force, Mass, and Motion | Posted in Physical Science

Hi! I want to do a unit on the relationship between force, mass, and motion, but I do not have a deep understanding of these concepts myself. Where can I go to get the foundational understanding that I need?


Elizabeth Homans

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