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Novel for Earth Science - Middle School | Posted in Earth and Space Science

Hey guys! Any good novels that are appropriate for middle school for earth and space science? Any resources appreciated.

Stephanie Legrone

Kindergarten activities | Posted in Early Childhood

I believe, especially with science lessons, that the students can help direct the curriculum through their natural interests. Begin a conversation about what they are interested in and make that into a concrete lesson. For example, Frozen is really big right now so make the natural connection from that to a lesson on snow and ice. Investigate how water can transform to these, find out what it feels like, learn about snow flakes, weather related to snow etc. If they are directing the lessons, they will be much more engaged and take much more from it.

Allison Shinners

Teaching Science to Kindergarten in a Short Time Frame | Posted in Early Childhood

Hi Jennifer!

I think that the best way to teach your students science with only fifteen minutes is using problem based learning approaches. You could do that through quick STEM challenges. From my experience, STEM challenges are a quick and fun way to briefly introduce science topics while engaging students at the same time! Also, you could always incorporate science into other subjects, as well. For example, if you are teaching literacy, have the students read a science article, etc. I hope this helps!

Hayden Whited

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