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Teaching Science to Kindergarten in a Short Time Frame | Posted in Early Childhood

Hi Jennifer!

I think that the best way to teach your students science with only fifteen minutes is using problem based learning approaches. You could do that through quick STEM challenges. From my experience, STEM challenges are a quick and fun way to briefly introduce science topics while engaging students at the same time! Also, you could always incorporate science into other subjects, as well. For example, if you are teaching literacy, have the students read a science article, etc. I hope this helps!

Hayden Whited

Science Showcase | Posted in General Science and Teaching

I've seen many formats at Family Nights. Many parents may be unsure how to encourage their children in science. In additions to demonstrations or presentations, you could provide parents with take-away activities that they can continue with their children at home--seeds to plant, discussion starters, observing things in your neighborhood or backyard. Small door prizes such as books, hand lenses, garden starter sets can also be motivating. It might be helpful to invite community resource such as science centers, extension agents, museums, etc. to share the opportunities that are available.

Mary B.

Mary Bigelow

Garden Activities | Posted in Life Science

Having students write poetry that could later be displayed throughout the garden would be a great cross-curricular activity. They would use their knowledge of imagery, personification etc. and write poems related to insects, pollination, ecology, and/or plants.

Robert Harvey

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