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Weather and Elementary | Posted in Early Childhood

I really enjoyed reading all of the replies to this question. I agree with many others about taking the students outside for them to witness the daily weather themselves. I think if you talk about weather every day in your classroom then relate that to the four seasons it will help the students. Thanks for all of the advice!

Anna Jamboretz

Gardening at school with young children | Posted in Early Childhood


I think you should do it in the spring considering that they have moved into a new location, meaning give it some time for them to settle in to their new environment. Regardless, doing it during the spring time will help the plants grow at a faster pace than any other season as during the spring, it isn't raining too much or it isn't too hot like the summer. I honestly find the gardening idea to be fascinating to both the students and the instructors as it shows students what living things like flowers, need in order to survive.


Pamela Perozo

Implementing STEM in my classroom | Posted in STEM

Hi Leslie!
I think it could be a lot of fun to implement STEM in your future Kindergarten classroom. Research states that implementing STEM at a young age can really help your students in the long run! I think providing your students with hands on activities that are developmentally appropriate would be the best way to implement STEM in your classroom. I found a link with a lot of great ideas for your Kindergartners! Kindergarten STEM Hope you find the activities useful!

Ana Gonzalez

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