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Teaching Earth Science for the first time | Posted in Earth and Space Science

I don't remember where I got this (possibly Facebook - or here!) but I use an inflatable globe and throw it out to a student. The student catches it and tells me how many of their fingers are touching water. They then share something about themselves and toss it to another student. Tally up the number of fingers touching water for each student and then calculate the average at the end It should be close to 70%, the amount of the planet's surface covered with water.

Cris Dewolf

Implementing STEM in my classroom | Posted in STEM

Hi Leslie,

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, every teacher should bring implement STEM to their classes. STEM is growing everywhere, students should be prepared when they just attend school. Kindergarten is a great age to let children start STEM, this is like a foundation, after they get into it, they will feel comfortable when they get into higher grade level. I think you should give young children more creative hands on activities to attract their interest, or give them more topic that related to their life, instead of just lecture the concept. I believe our job is exploit students potentialities, not cram them. Let students feel study is an interesting thing, then they will start to learn by themselves. Hope you love my idea.


Yixiu Yan

Science in Kindergarten: What Does It Look like, Sounds like? | Posted in Early Childhood

Robin, your children might be interested in participating in a citizen science project. See SciStarter for a list of projects, some that even preschool classes can participate in.

Margaret Ashbrook

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