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Science Trips | Posted in Informal Science

Pam, I really like your idea of visiting a local university with students! I know from experience that children at this age look up to young adults, which provides a much greater chance for the students to listen! A great idea for them would be to visit the greenhouse (in the university has one) or, doing something even in a science class, or EL ED methods course.

Haley Wiebenga

Science in Kindergarten: What Does It Look like, Sounds like? | Posted in Early Childhood

I know there is lots of good science instruction happening in Kindergarten classes everywhere. I am hoping that some of you will share some of your planned lessons or lessons you want to make more NGSS like. New lessons ideas might be sparked! Ideas might be built upon. What books do you use to begin science investigations? What science investigations lead to writing? Lots of opportunities. :-) Kathy

Kathleen Renfrew

Periodic Table | Posted in Physical Science

I'm looking for the best way to teach the periodic table structure to 6th grade. My experience has been on the 9th grade level, so I'm not real sure how to approach the subject. 

Shontell Davis

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