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Chem for those who do not like it | Posted in Chemistry


I think you have hit the reason for NGSS right on the head! The phenomenon approach to learning is what drives those students in the classroom. When teachers engage their students with phenomena they have a true curiosity or interest in the interest levels in the classroom drive up. Students are shifting from this rote memorization or even just learning content in isolation; to having a role and a mission of trying to figure something out. Chemistry is especially daunting in isolation. When you give students a task, then build a story around that task where now they need to know this information to complete the task. They will be more engaged. The hardest part is choosing a phenomenon that fits your students. You should figure out what are they interested in. What are things that would hook them? Once you get to know your students more you will know the types of phenomenon’s that will drive them.

Jessica Holman

Physics Songs | Posted in Physical Science

I like your idea of having songs for science! I feel like that is a great way to get students engaged and motivated. I know hearing song in school that pertained to learning helped me remember things. I can always remember the 50 states and capital song from 4th grade. Students I think would be more eager to learn the song without really realizing they are actually learning something along the way!

Halle Moshier

Cells can't be boring!! | Posted in Life Science

I was just thinking about having my students do this the other day, as I was driving, that is when I do my best thinking! I believe that having them look at their own cells would really be the hook for them! It was for me when we did it, when I was in 5th grade!!

Chelsea Hunt

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