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Keeping Students Engaged | Posted in Elementary Science

Andrea, I think along with Katherine said about engaging and hands-on activities, students interpret and understand new information well when they can connect what they learn back to something they are familiar with in real life. In other words, creating meaningful activities and asking purposeful questions that help students think about the subject outside of school terms is a great tool when teaching. I also like KWL charts and flow maps that can help the teacher evaluate if the students have gotten the "big picture" out of the lesson.

Naimah Urfi

The Rock Cycle | Posted in Earth and Space Science

Hello!  I am a student teacher and am making a lesson plan for the Rock Cycle.  I have a couple a resources for the lesson plan itself but, I am having trouble with the length of the lesson plan. I tend to make the lesson plan longer so the students have more time to explore and have opportunity for group discussion. This a 6th grade class and is only 45 min. How can I still have the hand-on activity within this period of time? Any suggestions?

Stefanie Thews

Physiology/Anatomy Project Ideas? | Posted in Life Science

Thank you so much posting your documents! I don't know if you are still teaching the course, but this is a fantastic idea and your students' projects were so creative! I would like to try this as for a PBL for the Goods and Garbage unit (digestive, respiratory and urinary systems). Mahalo!

Lenore Kop

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