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Gardening at school with young children | Posted in Early Childhood

I feel that the idea of a classroom garden throughout the whole school year is a great idea. You can do different plants throughout the seasons that change. I think this is a good thing to do in your classroom because it let's students learn the proper necessities of plants and how to care for them. And they are very pretty!! A lot of schools don't have access to any sort of garden in their backyard and this can be a good idea.

Angelica Morron

Science Trips | Posted in Informal Science

There was a great science field trip that I got to observe in my students teaming called Days of Taste. It was a three day process that followed the process of a well-designed experiment and combined the subject of health and good eating all in one! A nearby farm partnered with the school to come to the school the first day and introduce the topic while giving the students different types of demonstration powders to get their taste buds flowing and practice prediction and data collections. The second day the kids went to the farm to see the process of making milk and cheese and harvesting the crops that they are growing. The third and final day, the farm comes back to the classroom alongside of a local restaurant that benefits and works with the farm to finish the investigation process and confirm or reject hypothesis. Then they get to use the foods that they learned about to create a salad that would be the best fit for your health. The combination of incorporating science, health and arts with they creation and display process works out great for the students learning benefits!

Darcey Bodziony

Novel for Earth Science - Middle School | Posted in Earth and Space Science

Hey guys! Any good novels that are appropriate for middle school for earth and space science? Any resources appreciated.

Stephanie Legrone

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