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Cells can't be boring!! | Posted in Life Science

I was just thinking about having my students do this the other day, as I was driving, that is when I do my best thinking! I believe that having them look at their own cells would really be the hook for them! It was for me when we did it, when I was in 5th grade!!

Chelsea Hunt

Gardening at school with young children | Posted in Early Childhood

Start a garden! It teaches children at a young age group so much! They can get involved with the planting and you can even make a quiz of what each elements are used for such as the soil, the water, the seeds, the sun, etc. The perk of the garden is, it even makes the outdoors of your school look even prettier!

Rachael Drab

Science Showcase | Posted in General Science and Teaching

I've seen many formats at Family Nights. Many parents may be unsure how to encourage their children in science. In additions to demonstrations or presentations, you could provide parents with take-away activities that they can continue with their children at home--seeds to plant, discussion starters, observing things in your neighborhood or backyard. Small door prizes such as books, hand lenses, garden starter sets can also be motivating. It might be helpful to invite community resource such as science centers, extension agents, museums, etc. to share the opportunities that are available.

Mary B.

Mary Bigelow

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