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3-Dimensional Formative Assessment

Going to NSTA in LA in a couple weeks? Joyce Tugel and I will be presenting a full day PLI on using the Uncovering Student Ideas in Science formative assessment probes and formative assessment classroom techniques (FACTs) to support 3-D formative assessment and learning. We hope you will join us for a deep dive to see how these powerful NSTA resources can link disciplinary content to scientific practices and crosscutting concepts through elicitation of both students' pre-existing ideas, developing ideas, and evidence of scientific understanding throughout an instructional cycle. Using Dylan William's 5 strategies for formative assessment, we will share techniques for implementing those overarching formative assessment strategies while simultaneously supporting 3-D teaching and learning with the probes and FACTs. There is still time to register for this in-depth session. We are looking forward to seeing some of you at our PLI as well as at our conference sessions! And for those of you who are not attending, what ideas do you have for using the NSTA Uncovering Student Ideas in Science formative assessment probes and the Science Formative Assessment techniques to support 3-D teaching and learning?

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