Informal Science

Informal science for children that have yet to enter school?

Sun Feb 04, 2018 9:29 PM


What are some good activities to start introducing and teaching science to children that have yet to enter school? Things that can be done at home, in a place or with materials that are accessible. If they are things that can keep an active toddler intrigued all the better.

Are there any recommendations, whether they are from experience or in theory, anyone has?

Pamela Garza
Pamela Garza
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Wed Feb 07, 2018 10:42 PM

Great question! I tell my students that they began learning everything we are studying in physical science in kindergarten. Some goals for pre-schoolers could include developing and maintaining their curiosity about the world around them, helping them enjoy scientific activity and helping them begin to understand how to explain natural phenomena. Teaching through exploration and play is key... but don't forget to teach a little about safety! The science process skills of observation, measurement and experimentation can help you think of fun explorations with the everyday materials and science content that students are interested in. I use water, oil, sand, plants, small animals, clay, magnets and toys for science lessons. Sesame Street has some cute segments on observation. Little children love to observe by looking carefully (sometimes with a magnifying glass), listening, touching, smelling and even tasting. What kinds of questions do they have about what they have observed using their senses? Can they experiment to find answers? What do they predict will happen when they experiment?

Susan Farmer
Susan Farmer
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