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How Text Engineering Can Help NGSS Students Write Better

Fri Jul 21, 2017 4:27 PM

How Text Engineering Can Help Your Students Write Better
T. R. Girill
Technical Literacy Project

Are your students now exploring NGSS's three "core ideas" of engineering
through your science classes (ETS1.A, define a problem; ETS1.B, develop
possible solutions; ETS1.C, optimize the design), perhaps by means of
Project Lead The Way's curriculum?  Are you concerned about meeting the
across-the-curriculum literacy-building expectations of the Common Core
State Standards?  Actually, teaching your students how to
* plan their nonfiction texts,
* analyze audience needs, and
* iteratively revise their drafts
as just another case of engineering design (rather than literary theory)
can very effectively harness the first of these pedagogical adventures
to address the second, the same way that real scientists and engineers do.
For a quick but revealing tour of "Text Engineering Explained" as a
classroom strategy, see the summary at
and the free technical writing handbook of which it is a part at

T.R. Girill
T.R. Girill
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