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Super Sound Eggs for Pre-K to 1st Grade!!!

This is a great activity to add to your unit on sound!

While planning for a break-out day for our fantastic first grade classes, I was asked to come up with a sound station for the students to rotate through. How could I get the attention of 160 students in just 8 minutes?(10 at a time).
Super Sound Eggs! This is a discovery station where students listen to eggs and identify the sounds emitting from them. VERY ENGAGING!
At the station is a basket or nest of eggs. The eggs have earbuds inside and are emitting soft sounds. The students hold the egg to their ear and identify the sound. Each egg has a different color and sound. As they listen, they match the sound to the color of the egg emitting it.

This is a really fun activity for the students. The drawback is that you have to have a separate cd player for each sound.

This is what to do.
Materials: For each sound you will present to your students you will need

~ 1 plastic egg (colored - usually come in packs of 12 at most dollar stores, might be seasonal- I bought mine last year and had not used them yet)
~ 1 set of ear buds
~ 1 cd player for each sound
~ 1 egg nest large enough to hold all the listening eggs (or basket)


~ we pulled all the cd players on the grade level to do this activity
~ I also created a sound match work sheet that asked students to connect the picture representing the sound to the colored egg that emitted it.

Dianne Spencer
Dianne Spencer
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This is such a great activity. I am going to share this with our first grade science teacher. Thanks for sharing.

Brenda Hornaday
Brenda Hornaday
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