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NGSS has changed student performance - YAY!

Thu Mar 01, 2018 11:40 PM

What are 1 or 2 positive experiences you have seen by implementing NGSS standards?

Jason Shern
Jason Shern
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Sat Mar 03, 2018 3:52 PM

If I must be restrained at just 2 positive things then I must say student empowerment and bringing "figuring out" back to the forefront of the classroom. I am a high school teacher and students are so used to being told what they need to know. Then they begin the old habit of consuming and regurgitating. NGSS, with its storyline and building from phenomena to figuring it out, motivates students to use what they learn to solve the mystery. They now need the content to explain the situation. We are not giving out useless content but answering the old adage question of "when will I ever use this info?" The answer is right now. I provide my students will real-world problems and then tell them we are going to figure it out as we move through the unit. Students are genuinely curious to see where this leads and become surprised at themselves for how much they have learned.
I think this leads nicely into how empowered they are in the classroom. Students, especially high school students are vocal in their learning. It is often negative or they take to school as a checkbox approach. They are doing it because they need to pass the class. When we approach learning with this inquiry-based method we are doing more than discussing the content. We are talking about pre-planning. We are discussing how to solve problems. We are figuring out how to collaborate with others and identify strengths in different situations. Students are discovering who they are as learners and leaders in the classroom. I love the lightbulb moment when a kid is getting something. U love it, even more, when I see students build in confidence or make connections between different activities. When they are able to translate their learning or even brag about their growth. The NGSS has made this type of culture more a norm in the science classroom.

Jessica Holman
Jessica Holman
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