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Hi All:
I believe this is a plus for both educators and the community. I read an interesting article in the learning center related to service learning. Title: Rock Showdown

Has anyone else involved in or have knowledge of Service Learning in their schools?
Share it in this forum.

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Adah Stock
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Another example of how kids are helping the environment...

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I would also be curious to hear teachers' experiences with Service Learning, and how we can incorporate environmental literacy and/or STEM learning at the same time.

Look forward to hearing from you,

Alison Wright
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I have been very fortunate to meet some outstanding educators who are do amazing work with students and teachers around environmental literacy! Below are some links to individuals, organizations, and programs who believe in the importance of educating the next generation on how to care for our environment. Please share if you know of any individuals/organizations/programs that are supporting students and teachers around environmental education.

Environmental Nature Center

Los Angeles Environmental Learning Center at Hyperion

Outdoor and Marine Science Field Study

Hydrogen Horizon Automotive Challenge Competition

Ten Strands

Julia Louis Dreyfus for Ten Strands and EEI

A Blueprint for Environmental Literacy

Roosevelt High School Students Map Social Inequalities

Roosevelt Students Present Mapping Project to 14,000 Conference Attendees

Chino Basin Water Conservation District WebApps

All Around the Watershed

Project Bud Burst


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Alison Wright
Alison Thalmann
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The Ecology Center is an eco-education center that works to inspire communities around simple solutions that empower individuals everywhere to be part of the solution.

A garden in every home, in every school!

Creative solutions for thriving on planet Earth.

Every choice we make is a chance to save water.

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