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High school physics without a textbook ?

My kid is taking physics in the 9th grade and there is no text.  The teacher begins the class with a meditation period, and then lectures and the students take notes.

This seems slightly ridiculous to me.  I think a high school physics class needs a textbook.   Is it a new thing in teaching?  Is there some rationale for it?

William Flannery
William Flannery
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We've contemplating going without a textbook in 9th grade before for a few reasons:

1. Many texts either provide too much information or the reading level is too advanced for the text to be of much use to 9th graders. We felt like we spent more time telling them what not to read than what to read.

2. We end up doing so few units from the book it felt like a waste to have them buy the whole thing when we could provide a note set that covered the important information.

3. With the crazy cost of textbooks we almost couldn't justify asking families to spend $150 for the above mentioned reasons.

We ended up finding a $15 ebook, so we have continued using a text, but it is an ongoing debate for us.

That's great to hear your child's teacher is incorporating mediation at the beginning of class!

Sarah Belliveau
Sarah Belliveau
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