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CO Adopts NGSS...Now What?!

Hey friends - it has been a while for me to be back on the forums... Colorado has recently adopted NGSS and our district came into some money thru a Mill... They are piloting some new programs/curriculum.  Has anyone had experience with the following programs that could give me some feedback and your thoughts. 

HMH Science Demensions - 
Amplify Science- 
Pearson Elevate Science - 

Thank you - 

Elizabeth Dalzell-Wagers
Elizabeth Dalzell-Wagers
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I'm also curious if there are any other replies to this!

Liz, I have just started previewing HMH Science Dimensions for high school biology. I've used a couple of their things in my classes, so I'm going to give it some time to see how the students respond. The text seems pretty comprehensive, but it's also confusing to follow all of the things they're talking about.

Eric Gordon
Eric Gordon
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We just adopted the NGSS in the past year. I work with a STEM team and we have been aligning our lessons with the NGSS for the past 3 years. Our parish does not use textbooks for science. In fact, when it was presented to teachers this year, there was no scope and sequence or any other guidelines given to teachers. Currently, the district is working with Amplify to plan for next year.
In elementary, we have used the Picture Perfect Science Lessons, series to pilot lessons in some of our schools.
You might be interested in the resources that have been vetted by NSTA. I use them often.

Pamela Dupre
Pamela Dupre
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