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How does creativity and State Exams mix?

Mon Feb 05, 2018 6:33 PM

I am currently a University student who is studying Early Childhood Education. I am learning so many ways to foster a classroom full of creativity and hands-on activities. I would like to teach my future students that they have the freedom to learn in their own ways. My question is, how do I encourage creativity and uniqueness and still get my future students to pass State Standardized Exams that have narrow traditional (non-creative) views on what science is.

Kristy Guerra
Kristy Guerra
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Mon Feb 05, 2018 7:45 PM

I think the key is really in using these hands-on experiments to address the topics standardized tests are concerned with, while trying to foster the types of reasoning and scientific thinking that help a student remember familiar topics and navigate those that are unfamiliar. This should assist them in answering those "non-creative" questions.

Rebecca Daniel
Rebecca Daniel
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Thu Feb 22, 2018 12:38 AM

I personally think that the best way of helping students with concept retainment is through making personal real-world applications. If a student truly understands the scientific concept, then they can apply it to anything (including the non-creative questions). They will always remember a meaningful hands-on activity way more than drilling any memorization will ever do. Kids are explorers and creatives by nature, they enjoy wrestling with the tough questions that will lead them to reaching their desired attainment of the concept, or finding. I will encourage you to find activities that promote critical reasoning, and also going over a few examples of standardized questions so that they can make the proper connections. It's sad that we have to train our students for these squared questions, but at the same time it's crucial that we don't take away from their learning experience by removing enrichment activities. They will learn and grow if given the freedom, space, and tools to do so. True understanding of the concept will produce the results that the district is looking for. Run with your creative ideas, the rest will take care of itself! I say this for myself too.. All I currently see in the classroom are worksheets, worksheets, worksheets.... but I won't replicate that method of teaching. I know there are plenty of resources out there to engage the students and plenty of hands-on activities that will help them reach their fullest potential and be successful innovators and researchers.

Melina Gaggero
Melina Gaggero
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