Next Generation Science Standards

Three-Dimensional Instruction

The NSTA Virtual Conference: Exploring Three-Dimensional Instruction is taking place on Saturday, February 11th.

This topic will be a place to ask questions or post your thoughts about the three-dimensional instruction in general or specific points that come up during the virtual conference.

More information about the virtual conference is available at the following link:

As a starting point, we are interested in knowing what do you all hope to learn while attending the virtual conference and what questions do you have?
See you online!


Flavio Mendez
Flavio Mendez
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Hi Flavio, I am excited about tomorrow's virtual conference! As an instructor of K-12 preservice science teachers, I am looking for ideas on how to help our newest members of the profession construct lessons that seamlessly incorporate all three strands of the NGSS, and I would like to have a collection of exemplar lesson plans for each of the DCIs that I can model/share with them. It sounds like the virtual conference will be very helpful! Thank you for this opportunity to learn from the experts assembled to present on Saturday! Best, Carolyn Mohr, adjunct assistant professor Dominican University River Forest, IL

Carolyn Mohr
Carolyn Mohr
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Hi Flavio and Carolyn - I'm looking forward to today's virtual conference (Sat. Feb. 11, 2017) on Exploring 3-D instruction. As a professional development instructor for K-12 science teachers in 35 rural school districts in our region in central Wisconsin, I am eager to learn how to help in-service teachers develop creative and engaging 3-D NGSS lessons, units and assessments. Thank you for this virtual conference opportunity to learn from NGSS experts and to network with science teaching colleagues. Dorothy Ginnett Science Curriculum Consultant Cooperative Educational Services Agency 5 (CESA 5) Portage, WI

Dorothy Ginnett
Dorothy Ginnett
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