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Science Success for Students With Special Needs

Wed Jan 31, 2018 3:56 PM

In the article "Science Success for Students With Special Needs" by Marcee M. Steele there are easy to follow strategies to try in inclusive classrooms. When dealing with instructing general education and students with disabilities lessons should be prepared in themes or big ideas rather than details. Offering broad concepts for organizing science instruction come benefit students with memory problems. Steele emphasized that lessons and directions need to be clear and direct. Lessons should be straight forward, concentrating on key points and then summarizing the key points again at the end of the lesson. Directions should ultimately be explicit and straightforward. The directions and behaviors expected of the students should be modeled. Steele also included multiple materials that should be used to help the disabled student during instruction, independent work, practicing, and test taking. The strategies illustrated by Steele would not hinder the learning process or interrupt the other students. Since all students have different learning styles providing summaries, organizers, visuals, videos, manipulatives, study guides, and additional support will benefit all students inside an Inclusion classroom. 

This article pertains to teaching students with Special needs.  


Isaacah Bell
Isaacah Bell
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Wed Feb 07, 2018 3:16 PM

Hi Isaacah--

Thank you for sharing and commenting on this article! It certainly summarizes practices which teachers have found to be effective.

Mary B

Mary Bigelow
Mary Bigelow
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