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I am really interested in project based learning and incorporating in my future classroom. I have done experiments in my class where students designed their own rockets and tested them but I would love to hear how other people have incorporated these types of projects in their science curriculum. I am also extremely interested in having my students take part in citizen science projects so any insights into how teachers have incorporated these types of projects into their curriculum would be much appreciated.

Claire Ainsworth
Claire Ainsworth
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Aa part of my science education at my university, my classmates and I work at the Maryland Science center. We work alongside the staff with the demonstration carts they show throughout the museum. The Maryland Science Center's website has tons of experiments and instructions to try in the classroom and at home. Go to www.marylandsciencecenter.org click on "science encounters" from the top menu then click on "science at home". I hope these help give you some ideas!

Carly Deeter
Carly Deeter
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I am the new STEM coordinator for my school district. It is my vision to begin to incorporate PBL modules as the STEM component to the current science curriculum. Our goal is to have one unit/project for each semester. The ideal project will align and/or compliment the current curriculum map in science, and enhance the learning potential of the students.

Susanne Hokkanen
Susanne Hokkanen
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Claire and Susanne,
What grade student are you working with? Project based learning is strongly supported in early childhood, which is variously described as birth-grade 3 or preK-grade 2. See the Project Approach work began by Lillian Katz and Sylvia Chard: http://projectapproach.org/
An archived webinar by Dr. Chard: http://www.earlychildhoodwebinars.com/presentations/engaging...-approach/
Changing Classroom Practice to Include the Project Approach by Ann-Marie Clark, 2006. http://ecrp.uiuc.edu/v8n2/clark.html

The Buck Institute for Education has a website about the Project Based Learning (PBL) curriculum model they developed: http://bie.org/about

I’m wondering how these two models overlap, especially for grades K-2?

Peggy Ashbrook
Margaret Ashbrook
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Hello Claire and Susanne,

My name is George Mehler and I am a science methods professor at Temple University. I have been developing a YouTube channel with science demonstrations for every idea that young learners should know before they enter high school. Our goal is to incorporate more STEM int he classroom. Attached below is the link to the channel, check it out, and subscribe! Coming later this year we will have additional readings, poems, math activities, and assessments. I hope you find this helpful


Dr. George Mehler Ed.D.,
Temple University

George Mehler
George Mehler
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Thank you for sharing !

Sharouq Zabarah
Sharouq Zabarah
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love child based learning

Leslie Bolton
leslie bolton
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