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Wed Feb 07, 2018 8:40 PM

Science is the content learned to enhance the thinking processĀ in students. Finding out how a student has benefited from an experiment or instruction can be tricky. In the article "One Mode is Not for all." by Susan Jane Britsch, she suggests the idea of having students utilize a journal. "We observe each child's classroom science instruction and then reflected on the child's "journaling" of the science experience."(Britsch 26). From previous experiences in classrooms, having student write hypothesis, observing the materials instruction, or simply answering a question are all ways to show the teacher the students understanding. Even students who are disabled or might require additional help can verbally express their thoughts and have a teacher jot down their ideas. If the child is able to use vocabulary terms or give an relatable explanation identifying the key points, then a teacher knows they have succeeded in some way.

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