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Tue Feb 06, 2018 11:56 PM

Hello! I am currently a Student Teacher for a wonderful third grade class. I would love to hear and try to incorporate some great teaching strategies during the science block! I have not had a lot of experience in teaching science. I have been observing more ELA classrooms, but I am stronger in math and science and would love to try it out. I look forward to learning new ways. Thank you in advance!

Jennifer Gaw
Jennifer Gaw
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Mon Feb 12, 2018 2:36 AM

Hi Jennifer,
How exciting to be student teaching in a wonderful classroom of third graders! I love the Picture Perfect ladies, Karen Ansberry and her colleague have written several books composed of 5 E inquiry lesson plans that always incorporate literature. There are a few book chapters from their books in the learning center. One of the lessons that I share with my pre-service teachers is the "How Big is a Foot?"
lesson. It is marvelous for introducing measurement. As far as strategies go, have you been introduced to Page Keeley's Probes? They are a formative assessment classroom technique that can be used anytime during a lesson where you want immediate feedback to monitor student understanding or at the beginning of a lesson to uncover possible misconceptions. This one about components of the water cycle is excellent: "Wet Jeans".
Some of the strategies that you have learned about for ELA work in science as well: KWLs, OWLs, 4 Corners, Exit Slips, etc.
Hope this helps. Let us know how you are doing throughout the school year!

Carolyn Mohr
Carolyn Mohr
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