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Science in the Elementary Classroom

Mon Feb 05, 2018 8:26 PM


I am currently working towards my degree in Elementary Education. As science is being taught less and less in the classroom, I didn't know if anyone had any advice on things that can still be incorporated throughout the regular school day. Thanks!

Claire Kennedy
Claire Kennedy
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Tue Feb 06, 2018 1:20 PM

Hello! I am also working on a degree in elementary education. I am currently student teaching in a 4th grade math and science class but, I have not seen much science. I have been student teaching for about a month and I have seen science go from being taught every other day for about 45 minutes to twice a week to once a week. It is unfortunate as science is all around us. Unfortunately, educators are placing more value and emphasis on math, reading, and writing because of standardized testing. I am not sure it would work for upper grade levels but, one way that science can be incorporated in the classroom on a daily basis would be weather. In my developing teaching observation, I was in a first grade class and on a daily basis the teacher would have the students look out the window and determine the weather. The options were sunny, cloudy, partly cloudy, and rainy. They also choose if it was warm, hot, or cold. She would then based on their observation graph the weather. Every Friday, the teacher and students would discuss their graph for the week and compare it to previous weeks. I hope this idea helps a little.

Isabel Asker
Isabel Asker
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