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Wed Nov 29, 2017 3:16 PM

I read an article named “Planning NGSS-Based Instruction Where do you start?” and I feel that I learnt a lot from this article. In the article, the author also felt failed when she started teach students because students seem have no interest in exploring the earth. However, after interviewing Dr. Keith Koper, a Utah geophysicist who does forensic seismology, she changed her idea and became confidence that she believed heer science students could make sense their own oberservation and remain persistence and curiosity in her classrooms.
In order to achieve the goal of making students engege in the science and making sense of their observation, there are three aspects should be referred. 
The first one is that “letting students pursue their own questions more often” (Koper et al. 2001). Students will be more intersted to the questions they asked so that it could form great engagement among students. 
Then, the author thought engaging in scientific pratice plays an important role to attain the goal. Comparing to the traditional science experiment, “letting students engage in the scientific experiment to figure out whether they had correctly identified and controlled the variables, to compare their results with classmates’, or to interpret what unexpected data meant.” (NRC 2012, p. 25)
The last one that should be concerned is that “emphasizes putting classroom learning into a larger context, mimicking the mental activity of the expert” (Koper et al. 2001). Through the approach of organizing content around core ideas, students could build the capacity to develop a more flexible and coherent understanding of science.

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Fri Dec 01, 2017 8:25 PM

Good Article Review!

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