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Since his early childhood in Winnipeg, Canada, Gabe has loved the natural world and has dedicated his life to studying science. Recently retired after 27 years teaching high school and middle school biology, physics, chemistry, robotics and computers – Gabe always worked to infuse fun in his classrooms. He has also helped draft the Manitoba biology curriculum, stood in as the science consultant for Manitoba Ministry of Education, been heavily involved in professional development of science teachers and has received the Prime Minister’s Award for Achievement in Teaching. Currently, Gabe is the District Director of the NSTA for Canada. Living at the doorstep to the north, Gabe has also taken several opportunities to visit the impressive beauty of the Canadian arctic along the shores of Hudson Bay.




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Sat Dec 16, 2017 9:49 PM in lesson suggestions for Elementary school students
Hello Lattecia, I agree with Chenda! I think the sad thing is that students love all science because of their innate curiosity but, as Carl Sagan put it, we choke it out of them. Hands-on, inquiry-based activities that don't box in students' thinking should be what we're after. If I were to pin-point specific topics/activities I would rank astronomy, animals and building things among the top! ...

Sat Dec 16, 2017 9:31 PM in Online Resources
Hello Hao, I think you really want I highly recommend that you register (free) and you will have access to teacher-made handouts and plans to use the simulation. Use these to make up your own worksheet that relies on the simulation and send it home with the students. You can add a request for a parent signature, if you want, or ...

Sat Dec 16, 2017 9:23 PM in Resources
Hello Kelsey! I just ended my journey! Along the way I managed to find some gems. First off, you have to check out the NSTA Learning Center! Do a few searches and you'll see. If you're not an NSTA member they have cheap memberships for students - but you can also hit the library and I'm sure you will find them there. I used lessons and ideas from their journals right up until the last m...

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A compilation of handouts, rubrics, presentations on STEM and Engineering Design I have used and shared in workshops. Some YouTube video links to help. [Note: The focus is primarily on the engineering design process of STEM, but the activities are good integration]

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Designing and Constructing a Load-Bearing Structure
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