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About Me: I teach 7th and 8th grade Math,Science, Design and Engineering. I received my National Board Certification in EA Science in 2006. This is my 20th year of teaching.
Affiliation: Pacific Middle School
Location: Renton, Washington
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Yesterday, 8:44 PM in Explanation and Argumentation in the NGSS Classroom
This year is the first year for me to be on the new evaluation system. I needed to come up with a sustainable, measurable goal that involved a group of students showing growth over time. Not knowing for sure where to begin, I started a discussion with colleagues on meaningful, yet realistic goals I could set that would advance my student learning and proficiency in Science. It soon became cle...

Yesterday, 8:43 PM in Modeling in the NGSS classroom
I am really excited about the idea of modeling in the Next Generation classroom. For years, I have put the word “model” in my head to mean the models from my past which included a round globe of the moon, or the solar system that went around and around the sun driven by a small chain. I have a colleague that talks about models she uses in her classroom that are exceptional assessments that she...

Mon Oct 13, 2014 9:12 PM in 3D Printing and Scanning
I have had several of my peers ask if I would please share some of my resources around using 3D equipment in the Science classroom. A relatively new article came out last spring, Science Teacher, April/May 2014, “Science 2.0: Teaching STEM with a 3D Printer,” that poses some really good questions and ideas to consider. I am attaching the article to this post, it’s definitely worth the read. I...

Recent Reviews by Sandy

5 Hmmm, I am wondering ...
how else I might use original source materials in my middle school Design and Engineering and Science classrooms. An interesting way to teach Science I had not considered. I appreciate the links to the digitized collection of Alexander Graham Bell’s papers. I am left wondering what else might be found there.

5 I Never Knew ...
you could do that! This was a really nice review of all of the new tools Google offers for use on the classroom. Some I had heard of, some not. Of particular interest was the use of site:search. I can’t wait to show this to my middle school students when they are doing their research essays. I had always used the images section for the images, but did not realize I could follow the prompt to discover similar images through the camera icon.

5 Chemical Cleanout
A great reminder for the beginning of the year, especially for a teacher that is either new or in a newly inherited room. “On the Web” resources are appreciated because they are up to date and applicable. Flinn Scientific is mentioned in the article. I think it is especially important for new teachers to note, their catalogue contains chemical information that is exemplary, http://www.flinnsci.com/ Also available are a variety of free online laboratory safety videos and resources.

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