Wendy Binder

I am program director in the professional services department of the NSTA Integrated Programs division.




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Assessment for Middle School

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This is a BEGINNING Intro to assessments that support STEM. The Learning Center has MANY assessment collections built by members and NSTA staff. Look through all the collections to pick what interests you to inform your practice. Many NSTA member files contain personal files called USER Files. These often have excellent examples and info from other resources on the web.

"A" Is for Assessment
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Planning NGSS-Based Instruction: Where Do You Start?
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Introduction to NGSS: Focus on Elementary

15 Resources

What is the vision for Elementary Instruction that is focused on NGSS? These resources include journal articles, web seminars, book chapters and a curriculum unit that collectively provide a substantive introduction to help you select your beginning steps toward implementing the NGSS.

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Engaging Students in the Scientific Practices of Explanation and Argumentation
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GE Foundation Bridging the Gap 2015

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Program Collection for GE Foundations Summer Conference 2015: Bridging the Gap: Success for Tomorrow with STEM Skills Today

Video CTE
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Monday Session The Workforce of Tomorrow , Claudia Cosoreanu, GE Energy.pdf
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