Matthias Regier

Science teacher K5-12: (physics, math, biol., science and technol., informatics/ IT) My former "first" life: marine biologist, Univ. Hamburg, Inst. of Hydrobiology and Fisheries, (Working fields: benthic meio- + macrofauna (mostly marine / some freshwater; projects concerning recolonisation of dredged benthic habitats; beach restoration / erosion control. Impact of sediment extractions on benthic North Sea habitats, faunal recolonisation of sandy beaches on the island of Sylt, the North Sea and Baltic Sea (Europe)) . Now I teach math, biology, physics, informatics/IT to classes 5 to 12, and integrated science ("Natur") to grades 5-7. My own class is one with a special science-profil which the students chose for the grades 9 and 10.




Ida-Ehre-Stadtteilschule Hamburg

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