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I am the Sr. Associate for Professional Learning Relationships for NSTA and the NSTA Representative for California, Arizona, Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico. In addition to sharing out about the wealth of resources and services that NSTA has to offer educators, I also work to connect educators with one another and with NSTA staff and authors to provide more professional learning opportunities to help build capacity. Success for all, will take us all. Travel and education have always been my passions. I was a classroom teacher for nearly twenty years in diverse settings. I was an Early Childhood Educator, Elementary Educator, and High School Educator; in Public, Private, and Progressive Schools; in Special Education and General Education; and, have been very fortunate to have been a student and/or educator in Australia, England, NJ, ME, VT, MA, and CA. I am excited to be traveling, connecting, and collaborating with educators around the importance of science education!





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Mon Jul 10, 2017 10:48 AM in Resources for Science Education
Thank you, Lee and Elizabeth!

Tue Jun 27, 2017 3:44 PM in STEM activities to do at home this summer
Do you have some great, simple ideas of STEM activities that can be done at home with children...either by parents and/or grandparents? :)

Sat Jun 03, 2017 4:23 PM in LAUSD Creating NSTA LC Collections
Have you found a collection that has been helpful and/or have you created a collection that you would be willing to share about?

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Resources for Today: STEM Education

Resources highlighting the importance of STEM education for all students, information on federal funding for STEM initiatives, and ideas for STEM activities.

Resources for Today: Misconceptions

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Today, I was sharing resources with an educator about the misconceptions around the moon and activities that might be helpful in teaching students the moon phases. She was interested in learning more about misconceptions and the impact they have on learning. I have included some of the resources that I shared around the moon and additional resources around misconceptions. If you know of resources that might be helpful, please email me at Thank you.

PPS Favorite Childrens Picture Books for Teaching Science K-6.pdf
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NSTA Ebooks+

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Please find more information on the NSTA Ebooks+ that are available for professional learning and for students.

Ebooks+ Earth and Space Science (NGSS Correlations).pdf
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