Merlyn Joseph

Currently excited to be a part of the Teacher Licensing Program at NEIU. I am working towards getting endorsed in Biology (Secondary Education). I am first generation Indian-American, and I knew I had a liking for science back in 2nd grade when my teacher Mrs. Davis encouraged me to grow my own pea plants as we were beginning to learn about plants and how they work to harvest energy in photosynthesis. Honestly, I remember being constantly "struck by curiosity" and bubbling with questions. Eventually, I could get never get enough of the process of demystifying the rules of nature or engaging in science. Then in Ms. Kurpiaski's 6th grade science class, I remember how much I enjoyed dissecting my very first earthworm, crayfish, fetal pig, and frog. She always knew that when I had a scalpel in my hand I couldn't be disturbed. Then as high school approached, I knew I had to take more science classes, and expand on my knowledge in other areas of science like chemistry and physics.




Northeastern Illinois University, TLP

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Yesterday, 7:11 PM
4 Teaching HS Science "Strategies"
Ethan, thank you for sharing these three articles. I have found them to be informative and interesting to read. I believe you focused on finding instructional strategies that allowed any secondary science teacher to overcome student misconceptions, improve student investigative skills, and use simulations to enhance the learning environment in the Digital Age. The only problem I have with the Simulation chapter is that it only provided positive research findings. It would make sense to explore this particular strategy if you have the time because I am still curious as to how simulations are assessed for teaching purposes. The chapter did mention possible logistical issues for students, but isn't that part of the challenge? In my opinion, having the teacher demo simulation features as class defeats the purpose of self discovery of natural phenomena in science. Keep up the good work.