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I write the Early Years column in Science and Children and am interested in bringing the early childhood education world and the science educator world closer together through collaborations. Add your expertise or questions to the NSTA Early Years blog at




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Today, 9:46 AM in Kindergarten activities
Hi Marianne, It is so affirming to know that a technique I learned from other early childhood educators is being passed on, benefitting other educators and the children they teach! Bean seeds, garlic cloves, and other small "plant starters" can be grown in such a set-up for easy visibility of their growth development. Stapling across the paper towel allows a seed to sit above the water reservoi...

Today, 9:34 AM in What does STEM teaching look like?
In early childhood education settings STEM learning may not be identified as such. When children are building with blocks and struggling to build a stable tower, they may be noticing the size, shape, and weight of blocks (M), and exploring the concept of balance as they place them (E). Children notice the properties of materials (S) as they use blocks made of wood, plastic foam, styrofoam, and car...

Tue Oct 10, 2017 11:45 AM in Gardening Unit
You are welcome Jocelyn! The NSTA early childhood Listserv for members, and the open-to-all Early Childhood Forum here on the Learning Center, are great places to find community and share your experiences, ideas, and resources. Best wishes, Peggy

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