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I am the author of several books of STEAM projects for readers age 7 and up, including "Robotics: Discover the Science and Technology of the Future" (Nomad Press) and "Making Simple Robots" and "Paper Inventions" (Maker Media). My website is http://craftsforlearning.com.


Homeschooling parent/enrichment teacher/author

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Sun Jan 08, 2012 7:23 PM in And Now There are 5 - teaching states of matter
I found this thread looking up states of matter for a project I am including in an activity book for parents and their kids from the editors of GeekMom.com. I only learned about the fourth state of matter last spring, working my way through the "Joy of Science" videos with my homeschooled kids. (And we watched "Absolute Zero," but somehow I didn't pick up that they were talking about a fifth state...