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Hi! My name is Janice Venezuela and I am in my last semester as a junior in Elementary Education. My love for teaching began when I became an assistant teacher at the ballet school I have been attending since the age of four. I became a ballet teacher about 4 years ago and I have been loving every second of it. However, my goal is to become a school- based Occupational Therapist, so I have been able to combine my education courses with my OT prerequisites so that I may apply to a master's program upon graduating. I am looking forward to be reminded of elementary science and how enjoyable it can become for students.



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Mon Nov 20, 2017 10:48 PM in 5E Lesson Plans
Using 5E lesson plans in a science classroom is the best way to get students involved in inquiry and investigation. I do understand that science lessons seem to be cut short in order to make time for other subjects, but a quick, engaging lesson should be able to satisfy the learning expectations and plan for the lesson. If the student's attention is captured immediately and they are given a questi...

Mon Nov 20, 2017 10:39 PM in Hands on Science
With low amount of resources or having no time to visit certain places, the best resource that is useful and accessible is the environment around the students. If there is a lesson in which taking the students outside to teach is suitable, then the children will be able to gain knowledge and perspectives based on what they see around. Children are usually very observational and will find many litt...

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Sun Nov 26, 2017 6:48 PM
5 Sink or Float Review- Janice Venezuela
The articles chosen for the lesson on what sinks and what floats, have created a bundle of beneficial resources that will definitely enhance the lesson being created and taught. The articles chosen, have provided key words for the teacher to review with the students and how those key words are important for the students' understanding of the lesson. With these articles, the teacher will be able to write an in- depth lesson on what sinks and what floats. The articles have also provided the teacher with information that will benefit their understanding of the topic. If the teacher is very knowledgeable on the concept, the students will be able to accurately learn and be able to understand much more. The articles chosen for the collection have also served as a guide for the teacher's lesson plan due to sample lessons that were taught to other group of students. With these samples, teachers are able to look at lessons that have been successful in the past and be able to provide students with a lesson that is guaranteed to make them learn. Some of the resources have also provided related benchmarks to the benchmark chosen for the lesson. With this list, teachers will be able to pull from past ideas, that students should know, in order to connect the lesson to their background knowledge. I give this collection five stars due to the in- depth resources that will benefit the lesson and the learning of the students.

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Research Resources- How Humans Can Change Environments

6 Resources

This collection is for the Field Experience Assignment #2. Resources will found in regards to the chosen topic of how humans can change environments.

Teaching Through Trade Books: Humans and the Earth
Type: Journal Article

Earth's Changing Surface: Humans as Agents of Change
Type: Science Object