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Hello everyone! I am Joselyn Hermoso, a High School Special Education teacher in Baltimore City and have been teaching Science classes in a Self- Contained Setting. As we all know, "education is the key to success in life and teachers make a great impact in the lives of their students" and this is my hope and prayer that in my own little way, I will be able to make a difference in the lives of my students. Being an international teacher, I am hoping and praying that from my teaching and encouragement, I will be able to help my students to reach their potential and it will last a life time---- not just the content but the about life in general. I am very thankful for the great opportunity that I was able to participate in the NSTA Conference here in Baltimore. And looking for more learning opportunities that I can use for my instruction.



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Mon Mar 19, 2018 2:41 PM in Online course for integrating STEM into the classroom
Hello. I checked out the link and found it interesting. I see that this course is for K-8 only and I am teaching in High Special Education population. I wonder if this is also applicable to me. Thanks

Mon Mar 19, 2018 2:34 PM in Informal science for children that have yet to enter school?
Hello.....maybe try using story books about some science and parents too can read it with them. I came across with this

Mon Feb 12, 2018 5:22 PM in Discussion
Hello.... Usually, discussion could start from: stimulating question/s or prompt from the topic, short video, demonstration, or activating students' prior knowledge from real- world scenario or question. Hope this helps. Joselyn

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Fri Nov 17, 2017 8:49 AM
5 DNA Model
I am excited to try this activity with my students. Its a different way for them to model the DNA. I will definitely use this one. Thank you.

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