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Questions about Web Seminars

What do I do if I'm registered for a Web Seminar and can't get into the program

Please email webseminars@nsta.org.

What is the Web Seminar Launch URL?

The Web Seminar Launch URL is the URL that takes you directly to the program. The URL, http://learningcenter.nsta.org/products/SeminarLaunch.aspx, becomes active at 5:30p.m. Eastern Time on the day of the program for programs which start at 6:30p.m. For programs with a later start time, the URL will become active on hour before the program begins.

I clicked on the link on the web seminar launch page, but the web seminar session didn’t open.

Make sure your version of Java is up to date. After you click on the link, your browser security settings may prompt you to accept the download of the Java file and open it. View instructions for different internet browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari).
Mac OS 10.8 and Windows 8, Launcher Troubleshooting
Blackboard Launcher installation guide.

What days of the week are Web Seminars offered?

Web Seminars are usually scheduled on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

At what time do Web Seminars begin?

Web Seminars usually begin at 6:30 p.m. Eastern Time, but check the webpage to be sure. They last approximately 90 minutes. First time users should log in at 6:15 Eastern Time (or 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time) to learn how to use the web seminar interactive tools. All users are encouraged to log in a few minutes early to check their systems and ensure their speakers are working.

How long are the Web Seminars?

Web Seminars are approximately 90 minutes long. First time users should plan to log on 15 minutes before the scheduled start time to learn how to use the interactive tools. The last 10 minutes of every web seminar are reserved for the program’s evaluation. Most presenters stay after the seminars for a few minutes answering additional questions from the participants.

Are Web Seminars identical or are they different from each other?

Web seminars are different if they have a unique title. Some programs are repeated throughout the year to give people the opportunity to attend live on different days of the week, and to accommodate unexpected changes in participant schedules.

How much does it cost to attend a Web Seminar?

Most Web Seminars are offered free of charge, unless otherwise noted.

Can I invite my children to attend Web Seminars?

Web Seminars are designed with educators in mind. We encourage the participation of adult educators.

Are the Web Seminars archived for later viewing?

Yes. The Web Seminars are recorded for later viewing. Of course, we recommend you attend the Web Seminar on the day when it is being presented since that will give you the opportunity to ask your questions to the presenter(s).

What software do I need to watch a Web Seminars Archive?

Web Seminars scheduled December 31, 2006 or earlier were archived with Avacast. To see these archive programs you must have Macromedia Shockwave 8.5 or higher and Windows Media Player installed and enabled.

Web Seminars scheduled from January 1, 2007 to November 21, 2011 are archived with Elluminate.

Web seminars after November 21, 2011 are archived with Blackboard Collaborate.

Both the Blackboard Collaborate and Elluminate programs will guide you to download the required software if it detects that your computer does not have it.


Is there a particular operating system, computer processing speed or memory capability I need to have to experience the Web Seminar?


Blackboard Collaborate:

Below, please find the supported Operating Systems, supported Internet Browsers, and recommended system specifications for using Blackboard Collaborate.

Supported OS’s and recommended versions of Java

Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing

  Internet Explorer 8 Internet Explorer 9 Internet Explorer 10 Firefox (Latest Stable Release)* Chrome (Stable Channel)**
Windows® XP (32 bit with 32 bit JVM only)  Certified Certified Unsupported Compatible Compatible
Windows Vista® Certified Certified Unsupported Compatible Compatible
Windows 7 Certified Certified Unsupported Compatible Compatible
Windows 8 Unsupported Unsupported Provisional Provisional Provisional
  Safari 4.0 Safari 5.0 Safari 5.1 Firefox (Latest Stable Release)* Chrome (Stable Channel)**
Mac OS 10.6 Compatible Certified Compatible Compatible Compatible
Mac OS 10.7 Unsupported Unsupported Compatible Compatible Compatible - Please review the end note below if using Java 7 with Mac 10.7 or Mac 10.8 and Chrome.
Mac OS 10.8 Unsupported Unsupported Compatible Compatible Compatible - Please review the end note below if using Java 7 with Mac 10.7 or Mac 10.8 and Chrome.
  Firefox (Latest Stable Release)*
Ubuntu 11.10 (64 bit with 64 bit JVM) Compatible

*For information on Firefox's public development channels, refer to Firefox's Releases page. All other Firefox channels are unsupported.

**For information on Chrome's release channels, refer to the Chrome Release Channels page. All other Chrome channels are unsupported.   Please Note: Chrome does not support Java 7 on the Mac platform. A 64-bit browser (Safari or Firefox, for example) is required to run Java 7 on Mac OS X. 32-bit browsers such as Chrome do not support Java 7 on the Mac platform.

Supported Java Versions

Note: 32 bit operating systems require a 32 bit JVM. 64 bit operating systems require a 64 bit JVM.

Operating System Java Versions (JRE)
Windows XP, Vista, 7  1.6, 1.7 (Java SE 6 & Java SE 7)
Java Access Bridge 2.0.1
Mac OS X

Apple Java 1.5.0_16 +(J2SE5-32 bit)
Apple Java 1.6.0_07 +(J2SE6-64 bit)
Oracle Java 1.7 See known issues

Linux 1.6, 1.7 (Java SE 6 & Java SE 7)
64 bit JVM's with 64 bit Operating Systems

Why is audio performance sometimes sound like it is in fast forward?

Your internet connection may be overtaxed. The sound is running faster than normal trying to catch up to the actual program.

My chat and slides are not working properly.

Try logging out, closing your browser, reopen and clear the browser cache and logging back into the seminar, this should clear up the problem.

How do I turn off pop-up blockers?