Resource Image Research and Teaching: Graduate Teaching Assistant Training That Fosters Student-Centered Instruction and Professional Development

by: Thomas C. Pentecost, Laurie S. Langdon, Margaret Asirvatham, Hannah Robus, and Robert Parson
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Type of Resource: Journal Article
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Publication Title: Journal of College Science Teaching
Publication Date: 7/1/2012
Grade Level: College


This article discusses the effect of a new graduate teaching assistant training program on the TA's ability to lead student-centered recitations and on their professional development.

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Intended User Role:College/University Professor (core science discipline), College/University Professor (preservice science education), Teacher
Educational Issues:Teacher preparation


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National Standards Correlation

This resource has 4 correlations with the National Standards.  

This resource has 4 correlations with the National Standards.  

  • Teaching Standards
    • Teachers of science plan an inquiry-based science program for their students.
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    • Teachers of science actively participate in the ongoing planning and development of the school science program.
      • NA
    • Teachers of science develop communities of science learners that reflect the intellectual rigor of scientific inquiry.
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    • Teachers of science engage in ongoing assessment of their teaching and of student learning.
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User Reviews

Involve Everyone
  Pamela A on July 17, 2012
  At large research institutions where graduate teaching assistants provide a significant component of instruction in freshman and sophomore classes any changes in pedagogy must involve them. Here is it reported that training TA's for student centered learning not only improves pedagogy but also TAs content knowledge. In short everyone benefits.