Teaching Science in the Two-Year College: An NSTA Press Journals Collection

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Two-year colleges are critical to science education’s future—in fact, some data indicate that half of future science teachers will take their first years of science at a two-year school. To address the unique challenges of this special setting, Teaching Science in the Two-Year College presents 24 articles featuring the most useful and relevant insights and advice from NSTA’s Journal of College Science Teaching. The collection is divided into four sections, all written from the two-year college perspective:

•An Overview of the Uniqueness of Teaching Science in a Two-Year College examines the isolation faculty members experience, the science anxiety many students feel, the special issues of part-time faculty, staffing crises, and the value of forming a partnership with the counseling department.

•Curricular Issues includes the importance of the National Science Education Standards; fresh approaches to designing courses for nonscience majors; key methodological and content-oriented ingredients; teaching strategies for adult learners; and case studies about a community-oriented science-learning activity and an integrated science course for nonscience majors.

•Teaching Strategies covers the hazards of lecture courses, the challenges and rewards of student-centered instruction, and case studies for teaching everything from biology to the value of science.

•Using Information and Communication Technologies looks at computerized quizzes in the classroom and developing, adapting, and evaluating distance learning for science students.

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