What Role Does Cooperation Play?by: Rodger W. Bybee and John Feldman

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The lesson, in this chapter, begins by asking students to think of a situation where they both compete and cooperate. They then identify a team sport such as basketball or volleyball to explore the theme of cooperation. The EVO DVD explains that cooperation has an important role in evolution. The DVD also provides numerous examples of cooperation and contrasts it with competition. Student groups use cooperation to analyze an example of cooperation in nature.

Two phases of this lesson—elaborate and evaluate—require students to work in cooperative groups. For the group work, the goal should be clearly stated. The team members should each be accountable for the results. For example, all members should be able to explain how the team solved the problem and what the proposed solution is. The various roles for the team should be clear. Leadership for the group is shared as each member has a task. Your role as the teacher is to serve as a consultant, providing directions, suggestions, feedback, and advice.

The DVD EVO: Ten Questions Everyone Should Ask About Evolution is also available for purchase.

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