Professional Development Institutes (PDIs) are focused, content-based programs that explore key topics in significant depth. Each institute begins with a full-day preconference session, followed by two days of pathways sessions that offer further exploration of the topics covered. PDIs are presented by experts in science education, professional development, and materials development. Institutes are offered in conjunction with the NSTA National Conference on Science Education.

Upcoming Professional Development Institutes

  • PDI-1: Moving Standards into Practice: Five Tools and Processes for Translating the NGSS into Instructional Sequences and Classroom Assessments
  • PDI-2: Designing Effective STEM Lessons Incorporating NGSS: What Does it Look Like?
  • PDI-3: Leadership for the Next Generation Science Standards' Practices of Science

PDI Work Sessions are one-day standalone events that are in-depth professional development that do not have linked pathway sessions.

  • PDI-4 Work Session: Developing Next Generation Science Assessments
  • PDI-5 Work Session: Promoting Equity and Alignment to the NGSS in Curriculum and with Teaching Using the EQUIP and the EQUALS Rubrics
  • PDI-6 Work Session: Building STEM Capacity with NGSS: Addressing Science and Engineering in the Next Generation Science Standards

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