NSTA's SciGuides do not exist in a vacuum. We are just another set of web pages existing in the ether without our users. We are very pleased with the response the SciGuides have received since their launch and would like to share some of our users' comments about how and why they use the SciGuides.

Mary Patterson Picture "SciGuides are an absolute time-saver for teachers! No more endless and aimless searching the web for materials to use in class. This is a complete package!"

Mary Patterson
Dept. Chair of Science
Hamilton Middle School Cypress, TX

Dick Gongaware Picture "Internet resources are, ironically, like books on a library's shelves: until you open them, you're not sure if they'll be useful. With the Internet now virtually limitless, capturing what I need in the classroom is increasingly time consuming and frustrating. So pulling together a collection of quality, relevant resources to explore not just a topic but a curricular unit becomes a major hurdle. The Energy Resources SciGuide that I've used not only frees up an enormous amount of my time, but I can use the Internet for its inherent advantages; currency, graphics, animation, data accessibility, variety, and accessibility for all of my students."

Dick Gongaware
Geosciences, Grades 11-12
James Madison HS Vienna, VA

Anne Wolff Picture "I love that the SciGuides contain resources that are age appropriate, aligned to the standards and have appropriate content. Searching for resources takes forever and you have to sift through so much junk!"

Anne Wolff
Redding, CA

Marcia Talkmitt Picture "Science teachers are busy people--making plans for inquiry labs, implementing more "authentic science" in lessons, integrating technology into instruction, working towards getting those "perfect" state and national assessment scores, and most importantly trying to motivate reluctant students. NSTA SciGuides can save time and enrich your lessons! The SciGuides supply a complete package of resources, are evaluated for quality and effectiveness, are teacher tested, and aligned to national standards. Teachers or students immediately get what they want from Internet sources when using the key-worded guides-interactive or graphic websites, assessment or data web sites, hands-on investigations or inquiry web sites, information or core content web sites, or just need a lesson idea. Try it; your students will love it!"

Marcia Talkmitt
Integrated Physics and Chemistry, Environmental Systems
Slaton HS, Slaton, TX